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Hairdressing Furniture

Hairdressing Salon Furniture: Maletti Group is leader in hairdressing furniture and hairdressing equipment for beauty and hairstyling salons.

Maletti is recognized for both its innovative products and creative hairdressing salon equipment.

Product diversification was clearly one of the company's strengths for Hairdressing salon Furniture: function and rationality on the one side, cosmetic appearance on the other.
The push towards innovation in processes and product, supported by the idea that art and technology are inseparable, created a new company leader in hairdressing salon.


Maletti is synonymous with superior quality in hairdressing salon furniture. We believe that having a pleasant appearance is one of the important aspects of creating a long lasting impression. We offer products suiting the needs and requirements of our fitness conscious clients.

Established in the year 1936, Maletti gradually started expanding its business and became a leading name in the sphere of hairdressing salon furniture. The range of hairdressing salon furniture and equipments display uniqueness and multiplicity. We present the collections keeping in mind the latest trends in the world of design.

We have reached the crescendo in business due to a loyal patronage extended by our valued customers. We supply beauty products of top-class brands.

Our experienced team of professionals has helped the business to reach at the pinnacle of success.
We have received great appreciation and immense response because of high quality products and services. We supply our products to all the leading beauty salons.

Hairdressing salon Furniture
When it comes to starting a hairdressing salon, you need to think about the right level of comfort that you can provide to enhance the services.

The hairdressing salon equipment and furniture needs careful consideration in this regard. When you start your own hair salon, there are factors you need to consider. The hairdressing business is where you have to maintain the quality and provide all the luxuries and find new ways to pamper your clients. The treatments should enhance the looks of the clients and also give them a personal satisfaction. This would help you maintain the clients and by word of mouth, you can even expect new people who may turn up due to recommendation.

You must plan the hairdressing furniture and equipment. Your clients would totally benefit from this and would appreciate the amount of time you have invested in the hair salon interiors and equipments.

You must decide what are the facilities your hair salon furniture would offer. This would help you decide upon the kind of hair salon furniture and accessories you would need to stock and use.
Once you know the kind of services your hair salon would be catering to, you can think of washbasins, the latest hair styling equipment for perming and hair straightening, hair dryers, supply trolleys etc.

There are certain hair salons that go beyond the ordinary and offer a day spa treatment that help the clients to rediscover themselves.
This treatment is very popular as it helps one to lose the stress and walk out of the hair salon with a beautiful glow for the whole body.

Explore the options in, as you need to invest in quality that would last you for a long time.

The hairdressing salon design is one of most important points when it comes to starting a hair salon. The hairdressing salon design should be such that it provides a good ambience while the clients are getting pampered and it should be visually pleasing to tempt people to come back to your hair salon.

Hairdressing salon furniture plays a major role in the whole process.
The first tip when choosing Hairdressing salon furniture would be to ensure it blends with the color scheme and the d├ęcor that is being planned.
Hairdressing salon furniture needs to be sleek, stylish and the colors should be soothing and pleasant.
The Hairdressing salon furniture should also provide the right comfort when it comes to the various beauty regimes. While choosing Hairdressing salon furniture, you also need to think of the space factor. The designs apart from looking good and being really high on the comfort factor, should also utilize the space of your Hairdressing salon in the best way possible.
Your Hairdressing salon supply could never be complete without all these elements. The hair salon equipment and furniture along with the products go hand in hand to provide the best service your Hairdressing salon can offer.