The Group and its Companies have become over the years a point of reference for the beauty industry, thanks to the wide range of products for salons and hairstyling, but also for the furniture for barber salons, spas, nail salons and accessories.

An authentic excellence, Made in Italy.


Eternal pioneers in the discovery of lands blending technology and science, Maletti was the first to experiment a number of intuitions, including the first wash basin fitted with an electric leg lift, the first suspended wash unit, the first chair with built-in massage, the first wash unit with horizontal bed for clients to lie on, the first water column for mineral water washing, the first work station with built-in colour therapy lights.

Other products that have revolutionised the work of hairstylists include Rollerball, the infra-red drying hood made with Takara Belmont, Up Down, the very first wash unit with an innovative vertical movement designed also with ergonomics for the operator in mind and Eden, more than just a wash unit, an authentic revolution in the world of hair styling presented at Cosmoprof 2018 as the new frontier of well-being, used by operators qualified following a training course and the award of a final diploma.


In 1989, Maletti Group was the first Company in the sector to work with internationally renowned designers. Philippe Starck is the first Archistar to design for Maletti the Classic and Modern collections, two milestones in the history of beauty design.

Over the years, other icons including Didier Gomez, Ross Lovegrove, Stefano and Elisa Giovannoni, Borek Sipek, Christophe Pillet, Claudio Silvestrin, Sarah Lavoine have cooperated with Maletti.

The design studio Giovannoni Design has created some of the most important collections, Green First, Alu Green and Boheme, as well as relaunching the furniture for barber shops, with the restyling of the iconic barber chair Zerbini 1906.

Since 2016, Elisa Giovannoni is the artistic director of Maletti and Nilo. Under her direction, both the showroom of the Scandiano headquarters and the international showrooms have been renewed


Why “inalienable”?
Because the philosophy of a great company must keep a global vision of the economy, looking to a sustainable future, which places mankind and nature at the heart of progress.

In 2008, Maletti was the first company to design three eco-sustainable ranges of products; moreover, its production is constantly monitored to maintain the high level of certification obtained, and it works only with companies who share the same objectives…

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