Maletti Group is an Italian company, a world leader in the design and supply of furniture for hairdressing salons and beauty SPAs. It was founded in 1936 on the initiative of the Maletti family who still successfully manages the company with Danilo and Guido Maletti, respectively president and vice-president of the organization.
It is a recognized excellence of Made in Italy with over 85 years of success and a large customer base. Maletti operates in 108 countries around the world through its headquarters and a consolidated network of certified partners.

Design and innovation are core values for Maletti and sustainability is part of the company strategy.


Maletti Group has been dedicated to offering cutting-edge products equipped with advanced technology to all sector’s professionals. One of our proudest achievements is the revolutionary steam system, integrated into the entire range of Maletti Group wash units, it has been scientifically proven to deliver benefits for both hair and scalp health.

In 2023, we expanded our steam technology to barber treatments with the introduction of Steamoon, a groundbreaking product designed to enhance beard care routines.

In March 2024, we proudly unveiled our latest innovation: Heaven wash unit with the Shirodara waterfall integrated with the steam system. Inspired by the principles of Shirodara treatments and informed by the latest medical-anatomical studies, Heaven sets a new standard in horizontal wash units.


The Maletti Group design has been a value distinguishing the brand furnishing and it has marked the history of the most important beauty salons in the world. Maletti has collaborated and still collaborates with the most important designers worldwide. Philippe Starck has been the first Archistar to design for the company, realizing the successful Classic and Modern Maletti’s collections.

Over the years, other famous designers including Didier Gomez, Ross Lovegrove, Stefano and Elisa Giovannoni, Borek Sipek, Christophe Pillet, Claudio Silvestrin, Sarah Lavoine have cooperated with Maletti.

In 2022 Alberto Apostoli has signed Eterea, one of the most elegant and complete cabin of Nilo collection. For Maletti brand, Elisa Giovannoni, who is the artistic director, has created some of the most important collections such as Eco Green First, Boheme and Rue Montenapoleone.


In recent years, Maletti Group has decided to commit itself to improving processes and investing in technological projects oriented towards sustainability, paying the utmost attention to the future of our planet and consequently to the well-being of future generations.

New ecological product lines were created in 2022, based on the use of FSC-certified wood. The certification required that the same chain of suppliers linked to the realisation of the product follow sustainable schemes, without renouncing the high quality that has always distinguished the brand.

One of the founding values of the Maletti Group is to contribute to building a sustainable future for everyone, working with commitment and dedication to reduce the environmental impact of production and work activities in general, promoting a sustainable development model.

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